sometimes it’s the little things.

so say you got these big ol antelope ears that probably help you hear pretty good but also would get in the way with a lot of day to day activities. you don’t want any exposed skin in the rain or snow or when beekeeping or whatever. or heaven forbid, having a vulnerable and necessary piece of your physiology exposed during combat. I’m almost kinda surprised the death toll from tripping and falling while wearing¬†some of those medieval helmets¬†weren’t higher for how much they blocked your vision and hearing, but people must have thought the protection was worth it to have done it for so long. To some degree I’m a bit of a hypocrite on this as some designs of armor I’ve already shown in the comic exposes the ears and their frills. There isn’t necessarily a correct answer to this. for me it’s mainly striking a balance between being practical for their world without having it look too silly for our notions. in-universe the explanation is probably they value using their senses more than the extra edge of protection. that said, they would still likely protect their appendages more than I’ve shown if it was real but I haven’t quite come up with a middle ground that I am happy with between ‘efficient’ and ‘cool’. I guess that’s part of the challenge.

that said, enjoy some earnets. they come in many shapes and degrees of the in-vogue just like people would wear in real life. i’m sure men and women would have different styles and there is probably endless controversy about the minutia of design and exposure that doesn’t really matter in the end.
do they have a name? probably.


An anachronistic (?) choice of head coverings

i’m cool making style choices that might seem anachronistic to us. turns out golf visors would be perfect for antelope ears. even if i doubt they would be familiar with a good 18 holes of the king’s game


there’s no reason that a baseball cap in our own history couldn’t have been invented way before it was. someone of a completely alien culture would decorate a cap much differently than us I’m sure.