Welcome to Song of the Motherland, a comic created by me, Cal McNichols.

I’ve loved drawing since I was a kid, and following my phases of drawing cars and airplanes, came to find out that I loved drawing characters. At first I drew a lot of Bionicles (awesome) and robots but gradually shifted my focus to people and living beings. I love drawing people and goofy characters I make up. Expressions and body movements are just as important as the designs of the characters, and I enjoy both equally.

Yet I also love stories, especially ones with weight. I enjoy movies that make you think, even if they don’t necessarily provide you with a clean answer. I love history and seeing how humanity changes superficially throughout time but still remains the same at its core. I can’t help but believe that the things that separate humankind such as time or country or anything else are insignificant in the greater scheme.

So, what is this comic?

It will be a story that explores humanity without the distraction of humans. It is a story about another world, about another race of beings. An anthology that I hope will capture the filthiness but yet the beauty of humankind. I look forward to it and I hope you will as well.


If you want to contact me, please look at the link on the top of any page. If you enjoy it, please spread the word! It helps me out a ton.

Take care.