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Founded in the 246th year of the Arnoc calendar, the Grand Chroniclorum of Sanctuma is the greatest and most encompassing collection of written knowledge currently in existence. After the tragic destruction of the two previous chroniclorums by fire and raids respectively, the Sanctuma Archive was created in the far reaches of Avato territory in a discrete and secure location. The public face of the Chroniclorum was built somewhat nearby and contains copies of the more popular works stored in the archives. The main archive is a closely guarded secret, as it is the sole location for much of the knowledge contained within in the event of the public building’s destruction. In the rare event unauthorized individuals discover its location (intentionally or not), they are subject to immediate and indefinite detainment by the Avato regime. Covert watchmen are kept along the perimeter to subtly discourage any would-be travelers wandering into the area. All this is done to attempt to avoid any catastrophic loss of knowledge like previously. Many irreplaceable works were lost forever from the destruction of the first two chroniclorums. Let it never happen again. May the third last for millennia upon millennia.

Nearly any written word is accepted, subject matter largely irrelevant. Treatises, philosophy, songs, poems, history, inquiries, translations, news, cookbooks, equations, stories – these and many more are contained. Our work involves copying as much as we can, but indexing, translating, and commentating on works is also part of our duty and domain.  

It is a great honor to become a scribe for the Archive. We do not seek to join, the Archive instead selects those it deems worthy and of great skill. Some pen, others gather, still others protect. We leave our societal lives behind to join this secluded congregation of those who record all knowledge feasible. Friend or foe, agreeable or not, we carve it down and keep it so that the rulers and kings of tomorrow can learn from the mistakes and triumphs of today and yesterday.

“Reigns end, dreams and fancies change with them, but the anchored stone stands forever.”

Enter, you favored, and learn.