Pressing Questions

I thought aloud of the greater questions of life.

Kebo, why IS ambabo so salty?

A blank stare in response. I can sense the rickety wheels of my brother’s mind turning.

They put salt in it.

I shake my head, despondent. An unfortunately common occurrence in the presence of such intellectual deficiency...

Hmmm… Do they? Or is it just naturally salty? Are hababas salty?
They put salt in it.
I’ve never had raw hababas. Do they need to add salt to mute the taste? Are they bitter?
I dunno.
It makes you wonder why it is always salt that they add. Why salt, and not habecca or delbid or…
Just ask mom. She makes ambabo.
Ughh… don’t you ever wonder? It’s not about what they tell you it is or isn’t. It’s about… hm. …The joy of the hunt.

His mental wheels freeze. (Maybe they are turning backwards?) He shakes his head and resumes his menial task.

Man, can you just help me finish the dishes already?

A time will come when feeble minds will be ready for the most important truths. Until then, I will have to spend the essential pursuits in the presence of those fabled sages of the age.

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