Setting the setting

As some may have noticed, I don’t like drawing backgrounds. They drive me nuts and bore me to tears. it’s not so much that I can’t, I just don’t care. In particular, I hate interiors.

But I knew that the next chapter would take place primarily indoors. So I did some thinking and came up with a house based on a kiva that meant I wouldn’t have to draw as many angles and could go with my trademark vague background swooshes. Much less painful.

I actually did come up with a floor plan, which I actually more or less stuck to for once. but like wiser artists than me say, don’t let reference get in the way of what works in the panel. I need to follow my own advice.

the pit in the middle is built over a geothermal vent, which can be covered up if needed. I think that the vent also goes to the (unseen) outhouse to make for some less chilly dumps. The entire region has an abundance of these vents and they will show up again. Silne and her husband probably made it themselves years ago. I think you could make it with two people without too much difficulty since you’re basically just digging a pit.

Many people lived/live in these types of dwellings. They are pretty common in motherland along with tents.