mens suits are a proven cure for insomnia

i understand that this blog is becoming a fashion one more with each passing day but what are you gonna do I suppose.

mens suits suck.

they are the same thing over and over again with nearly no variety. in my opinion the design isn’t even that appealing. I understand that something neutral and minimal can be classy in the right circumstance. still, there has got to be some more variety before I lose my mind. at least women in the west can get away with more pizzazz.

man even just tiny little stripes or blocks of color can add a ton. and while I know that is what neckties are for, i have a very deep, personal, and petty vendetta against ties. ties were locked up in the dungeon where they belong for this exercise.

and while I hardly think that “new is always better” in anything, I swear that suits haven’t changed much at all since the colonial period. look at like rembrandt paintings or whoever. what we have today is basically the same thing. featureless black mass of cloth with a few points of contrast around the neck and sleeves.

I’m sure this is heresy to many, but if we had to settle on a design for hundreds of years, couldn’t we have settled on something good?

whatever. I’m not advocating that every business executive needs to start parading around in a tie-dye hippie wonderland, but surely we could play around a little bit with mens’ suits. I understand having a muted main color and simple shapes. start small to aid the easily-startled. but let’s at least get some slight variety in here so I can feel a little less like a bystander from Mr. Roboto.

i’m hardly saying that all of these designs are winners. they are concept doodles like anything else. need to experiment to throw away the bad elements and keep the good. but goodness I feel like even these few designs have more interest than 99% of the suits I’ve seen in my life. and this is just scratching the surface, you could go way more creative than this. I was playing it safe to make something I think a businessman could in theory wear today in an the ocean of peer pressure.

i can only hope that one day western suits can look as good as this.

boring scifi outfits zzzzzzz

I have ideas for a multitude of different time periods in mind for the comic world. as I mentioned earlier in the thread, technology doesn’t progress in the same pattern in Motherland as it did in our world. they invent certain things sooner, some later, some never. some things that we may even think impossible may be old hat to them.

all this to say that certain designs you’ll see may be anachronistic to us, but that is also kind of the point. (they invented the laser without inventing radar first? the audacity!) still, I try to make things feasible to the best of my ability — it wouldn’t make much sense if they invented AI without inventing computers, etc.

i love scifi, but some scifi can be so boring and drab. i’m trying to spice up the practical with the penache. never underestimate mankind’s ability for bling. why should space travel be dreary? get some african pattens up in there.


we’ll see how many of these designs I actually use. most are just a jumping off point to see what I like and what I don’t. I want the style and world of motherland to be unique, but unique should be minimized if it isn’t relatable. I won’t stress too much if it occasionally wears its inspiration on its sleeve.