boring scifi outfits zzzzzzz

I have ideas for a multitude of different time periods in mind for the comic world. as I mentioned earlier in the thread, technology doesn’t progress in the same pattern in Motherland as it did in our world. they invent certain things sooner, some later, some never. some things that we may even think impossible may be old hat to them.

all this to say that certain designs you’ll see may be anachronistic to us, but that is also kind of the point. (they invented the laser without inventing radar first? the audacity!) still, I try to make things feasible to the best of my ability — it wouldn’t make much sense if they invented AI without inventing computers, etc.

i love scifi, but some scifi can be so boring and drab. i’m trying to spice up the practical with the penache. never underestimate mankind’s ability for bling. why should space travel be dreary? get some african pattens up in there.


we’ll see how many of these designs I actually use. most are just a jumping off point to see what I like and what I don’t. I want the style and world of motherland to be unique, but unique should be minimized if it isn’t relatable. I won’t stress too much if it occasionally wears its inspiration on its sleeve.