“…it seemed that even the stars were in a rage, and that the fires rained from every corner of the sky, so that in days the wicked kingdom was in ruins. Shavali turned his eyes toward that window of the heavens and boasted, mocking Athaclem to strike down his chosen son if He were displeased with the despicable actions Shavali touted as achievements. Before he could finish his peace, the ruler was utterly erased.”

The Chronicle of Yuo 115:52

Few prouder men have walked this world than the old ruler of Lothis, the infamous lord Shavali. Born of no regal blood, he was chosen under influence of a vision by the 16th Prophet of Lothis to defeat the current despot. Incredibly, he was able to eradicate the old regime with the support of the people.

What followed was nearly twenty years of even harsher oppression than his predecessor. Though born a commoner, he was a master of playing both the political scene, and that failing, the military. It is said that nearly one in ten of his people died under his rule. Only by the intervention of the gods themselves were the people of Lothis spared.

Was it all true? It is difficult to say. Regardless, kings and rulers of all positions have studied this short account for centuries for insight and introspection. How could one from a poor upbringing have such little sympathy for his own kind? Or was it because of his background that he sought to distance himself from his past? Was Shavali just a pawn to show that commoners are not fit to rule? Is the tale only a lesson to not mock the gods?

Who is to say?

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