uncommon medical phenomena

was looking up conjoined twins the other day. i don’t know why.

as an american with the name callum, I have received a lifetime of blank stares in response. is that anywhere equivalent to being born a conjoined twin or dwarf, having to live your life with people awkwardly trying to be polite? probably not. I find the personal dynamics those conditions create as more interesting than the conditions themselves, though the conditions are too. anyone with something ‘odd’ about them eventually just adapts. of course what makes one different may be more obvious than another. if you’re not weird, you’re a weirdo, i guess.

i moreso wish i could present people with autism or asbergers or downs or what have you but I feel unequipped. no one in my life that I knew well had any of these traits. for the moment, I will try to stick to sorts I feel I can portray better.