Armors for the common man


some armor ideas yall. 🙂 based loosely off of some real life designs (namely the right one which is pretty heavily inspired by hoplites). they would be quite inexpensive to create compared to the more time and resource-intensive resin plates, sort of along the lines of real-life hauberks or brigandine.

Gulf phenotypes and ethnicities

thought i’d share something i was playing around with.


getting the look of different ethnicities of the region where I want them. at the end of the day, this is at most a glorified easter egg. I will not expect readers to be able to judge where a non-human character is from in a made up world by their face (and I am not that consistent or patient to make it exact every time anyway).

mainly playing around with shapes that I think are fun. trying to apply some logic with facial feature patterns varying based on climate, one people group conquering another, etc. at the end of the day i’m not gonna stress to much about making it super duper consistent and I imagine that different ethnic groups would blend together over time anyway.

with geography factored in:


Allano is the nation seen in the comic so far, and in the recent past were a branch of the ethnically and politically related Avato, looking similar as a result. I could say more ideas that I have but I’d rather let it play out for now. everything is of course subject to change anyway. 🙂 any questions or feedback help me out a lot. take care all