Rene outfittery snazzle bedazzle

doing some other art stuff for jobs in real life so haven’t had too much focus for the comic as of late. still gonna be slow going. if only we had some snappy clothes to make the wait less painful—-


mostly made up designs again but of course have some elements that I stole from other designs I liked. these outfits are ideas for the Renes, the powerful neighboring nation that is attacking Allano at this point of the story. trying to make them their own thing but there are some elements of deco and the byzantines thrown in there among others. some of these designs may be a bit too modern for what I’ll end up using but I have a plan to use them later 🙂

these are clothes worn by rich people. people who do manual labor could neither afford nor would want to deal with getting these dirty. certain colors and patterns were much more difficult and time consuming to create before machine production.

If only we weren’t colorblind

some more outfit ideas.


mostly made-up but they have some inspiration from african and some middle eastern designs. i steal elements from things i like all the time just like pretty much every other artist on the planet.
again, trying to keep things practical but interesting. the daily climate is more extreme on their world than in ours since the days are longer. It gets hotter and colder since the sun faces towards and away from the planet more. a lot of their clothing is layered so they can take it off easily once it gets hotter. this of course varies depending on where they live and the seasons.
trying to think of what people would have the patience to wear in their daily lives. the rich people can afford more impractical stuff because no one is making them move. 🙂 poorer folks obviously wear less extragavant stuff but it’s by no means bland. poor people knew about the magic of the pattern in real life. bland middle age peasants who only wore brown is more true to hollywood than real life. ancient bling baby


color isn’t really my thing but theres no reason the motherlanders would style it up any less than we do. and theres no reason people in the past wouldn’t try to style it up just as much as folks do today. people don’t change.