kids exist. and in the same space as adults, no less! shocking.


i find kids a little bit more limited of a canvas to experiment with body shapes compared to adults, but it is still possible to make some fun designs. while i believe in both nurture and nature to a degree, i find people often underestimate the role of nature. the ‘child is the father of the man’ so to speak, in my experience your temperament as a child can be easily seen when you reach maturity. i hope to show those personalities in the comic. even one infant is so different from another. i don’t think that you can necessarily be anything you want to be. I do wholeheartedly believe that you can be what you were created to be 🙂

as usual, shown above are some main characters, some minor characters, some background, and some that I probably won’t use.

feel good. had a very productive week or two. finished the opening of ch4