A tablet aside

no page this week unfortunately. still got a doodle for yall


(patented rob liefeld tinyfeetâ„¢)

i hadn’t really drawn sago (ch 1 character) since I got my new tablet. the main reason why the two chapters look a bit different is because by the time I started ch 2 I had a tablet with a screen. I don’t care how good your hand-eye coordination is, you are not drawing consistent and quick straight lines without seeing your pen. it was really hard to do any hatching other than very tiny lines and that just isn’t enough flexibility.
the new tablet is a bit harder to vary the pen pressure with on the other hand, but I’d by far rather have accurate lines. i’m way too lazy to take more time than I need to.

I also started using Clipstudio instead of photoshop and I personally like it a lot more. it makes it a lot easier to color and set up panels. the main thing it does worse is text (it isn’t great, but has gotten better). still recommend clipstudio to anyone though, it’s a waaay better price too.

at some point i’ll get a big ol off-brand cintiq type monitor tablet and then i’ll really be captain lazy. but doggone wait till you see how spicy my lines are then champs