Old lady sneak peek

since chapter 2 is wrapping up fairly soon, I thought I should show some of the character design i’ve been working on for the next. starring: OLD LADY


geezer represent

mainly working on face stuff and tattoo designs. simplifying things. trying to get rid of tedious-to-draw stuff now so i dont have to deal with it when i’m actually working on the pages. this is more preliminary stuff, i will refine it as i doodle more.

for the tattoos, it can be tough finding a balance between a lore-friendly, interesting design and one that doesn’t muddy the body language or expression. in the real world, if they were this crazy about their tats they would probably cover up a lot more of their bodies that I’ve shown. but like i’ve said before that can really muddy the silhouette and body language for the reader so even if it’s ‘lore accurate’ it’s not always ‘the thing that should be done’.
so anyway i’m currently leaning to the tat design on the lower left. the design on her arms is the one she got as a teenager, the design of her family. inspired by some polynesian designs. the one on her torso (the grey part) and head is the design she inherited from her husband’s line.