Eye of the Falcon

I never thought I would live to see the day. It’s gone. Eda disappeared like all the others. Just like the others. One night it was a beacon for travelers and shipping to the whole world, the eye in the constellation of Menandas – and by next sunset there was only the night. Just a dark blemish where she once lie. The eye of Menandas gouged out, just like that. No fanfare, no nova, nothing. We wept, we all wept. The sailors most of all. Prices will rise on goods on top of everything else. Of course

We prayed and prayed. We prayed… many say we need to pray harder still and there might yet be some hope. I doubt it. Why should the south star be any different than the others? They say the gods are punishing us for something. Well, I did nothing wrong. We’re just a footstool to the divine. The Gods must just hate us. 

Well. I hate them too.

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