Time to put down Old Yeller

Went through and changed all the pages from B&W and yellow to B&W and gray.

I like the yellow. I really do. I feel it’s more unique for a comic, but gray just works better in more situations than yellow does. much easier to blend it with hatching techniques, and it just goes better with B&W in my opinion. Currently using a 30% gray for the majority, and occasionally 50% when I need some section to stand out a little more. The yellow I used before was around 50% value and was just too dark. if it made it lighter it was this weird unappealing tan color that I really didn’t like at all, and I didn’t really want to do blue or purple. I’m trying to figure out techniques and ways to save time with the comic, and a more open style is one of the better ways to do that at the moment. The yellow just seemed to conflict more and more with how my art direction is going. Thought about the gray for a while and decided to make the switch before I had to change even more pages. went back through and streamlined a few pages’ dialogue too to hopefully make things a little clearer. Let me tell you, it is very hard to keep a consistent pace and mood going with as many curveballs as life has been throwing me at the moment. Please bear with me. hopefully I won’t have to do another major overhaul with all the pages at least.

The good thing about an anthology series is that each chapter doesn’t necessarily have to look identical in style. time will tell on that front.


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